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PostSubject: DALLAS MAVERICKS:   Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:55 am

Dallas Mavericks:

Home Court:

American Airlines Center


C: Barry Alcala
50 games (14th career season)
via trade from Indiana

PF: Nathan Jawai
756 games (14th career season)
via trade from Golden State

SF: Eduardo Frazier
229 games (3rd career season)
train on invite via D league

SG: Juan Earl
376 games (10th carrer season)
via trade from New Orleans

PG: Lashon Hood
806 games (11th carrer season)
via draft pick # 39

Current GM:

35th Season.
1559 wins

Past GM's

STATS HISTORY as at 2054

SimNBA Titles: (3)


Western Conference Titles (7)
Midewest Division Titles (13)

Most Wins Season 2010 57-25

Game Records:

POINTS: 63 Jaques Stephans 2008
REBOUNDS: 31 Dave Radonjic 2031
ASSISTS: 21 Lashon Hood 2044
STEALS: 9 Angel Gregov 2028
BLOCKS: 9 Andre Kane 2008

Season Records:

POINTS: 33.5 Neal Fraser 2013
REBOUNDS 12.7 Tory Adams 2009
ASSISTS: 10.8 Lashon Hood 2044

Carrer Records:

GAMES: 1413 LaDon Balogiannis
POINTS 27,731 LaDon Balogiannis
REBOUNDS 14,644 LaDon Balogiannis
ASSISTS: 8,489 Eric Moreno

HOF Jerseys (4)

2017: Oscar GRENIG
2020: Jacques STEPHANS
2027: Darrell PIKE

ALL TIME GREATEST TEAM (As voted by the fans)

Hood / Earl / Pike / Balogiannis / Kampfhammer

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SIMNBA Board Member

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PostSubject: Re: DALLAS MAVERICKS:   Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:55 am

The Mavericks have been one of the better franchises during the course of the league's history (4th in wins), and are currently enjoying the best run in franchise history (5 WCFs, 4 Finals and 2 rings over the last 6 seasons). Unlike many GMs, I was lucky enough to take the Mavericks from arborwolf when they were are their peak.

That was a loaded team with future HOFers C Kapfhammer and SF Pike leading the way, but that team also had some nice vets in PG Erik Moreno, SG Alphonso Gadd, PF Leon and later PF/C Herschel Schultz. Schultz was a key acquistion right before the deadline from Phoenix back in the 2018 season. The Mavericks stormed through the Western Conference making the Finals. However, Schultz was injured and didn't play in the finals that year. The following year the Mavericks got a rematch in the Finals with a very strong 76ers team. Like the previous year though an injury cropped up this one happening the PG Erik Moreno in the second game of the series. Just like the previous year the Mavericks lost to the 76ers.

That was the pinnacle of that group though they would be right on the edge of the playoffs for several years. In 2026, a team that had SG Cameron Hill and SF Willie Anderson squeaked into the playoffs as an 8 seed with a medicore 40-42 season. They were matched up against the powerhouse Lakers that many considered to be the odds on favorite to make the finals that year. After all the Lakers had won 63 games in the reg. season. The 8 seeded Mavericks pulled off the upset though.

The breakthrough never really materialized as the Mavericks even with the star power of guys like PF LaDon Balogiannis, SF Willie Anderson and SG Cameron Hill never quite was able to put it together. Part of the problem stemmed from inconsistent point guard play. Roman Trepalovac was the main point for several years after Moreno retired. His offense and running the offense was inconsistent though he was a great defender.

Things started to change with the 2038 draft though. In that draft they landed PG Gilly Horsham and in the second round drafted D-Leaguer Lashon Hood from the Indiana Nasties. In training camp, Hood wrested away the starting point position from Gilly and never let go. Hood played so well that mid way through the second season Horsham was traded to the Lakers for a package that included an eventual lottery pick in that draft. With the #6 overall the Mavericks selected D-Leaguer SF Bobby Marine from the Detroit Oilers. With the #8 overall they were able to trade for Javier Weigel and all of a sudden the Mavericks were a team to be taken seriously. Still, the mix was not quite right for Dallas. After taking a beating from Boston in the finals they went out midway through the season making a couple huge trades. One was to acquire future HOFer PF Hal Worth, but Worth would only play 2 games in a Mavericks uniform.

Worth was a centerpiece of a blockbuster trade with the new ownership in New Orleans. Worth and longtime C Nathan Jawai were sent to New Orleans for G/SF Chucky Pennell, C Rashad Messer and SG Juan Earl. That give the Mavericks serious quality depth and evalated them to a championship level. For a couple seasons the Mavericks went with Messer/Marine/Pennell/Earl/Hood lineup. Though a major key in their first championship was signing an injured PG Kieth Miesner and keeping him on the playoff roster though he was not able to play until the WCFs. The Mavericks won a couple championships with Hood earning the Playoff MVP honors twice. The trade is still paying off indirect dividends for the Mavericks. Pennell and a late first rounder for C Elwin Kim and SG/SF Danuskas Zygimantas. That gave the Mavericks some cap flexibility down the road. They used part of that flexibility to acquire SF/SG Mac Stallard a couple years later. Messer was dealt before the 2048 season in exchange for C/PF Nathan Jawai and backup PG Roman Berkowitz.

Over the years, the Mavericks have always been a defensive orientated team. Unlike many other teams, they like have a starting lineup that can guys can score from everywhere on the floor. That makes them traditionally a very tough team to matchup with in the playoffs. In recent years, they have evolved to be a very effective offensive team shooting a high percentages. While, their current run does not seem to qualify as a dynasty if they are able to keep and develop their younger players (Frazier and Pulido especially) they have a chance to have a 10 year run of elite play. One feature their teams have had over recent seasons is excellent depth, which they are not afraid to use at all.

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PostSubject: Re: DALLAS MAVERICKS:   Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:24 am

Donald Key (Knoxville)
22.2ppg (.672) 8.0rpg 1.4apg 1.0spg 0.9topg 1.3bpg 2.0pfpg

#1 SimBA pick.
Top 10 team.

The Pacers' biggest need was inside and they had a raft of choices (Assuming they are prioritising resigning Welter). They went with the one with the most potential upside by taking Donald Key. He's already going to be a very good scorer, the only straight-from-college player in the draft with a B+ interior rating, pair that with C+ outside and you know he's going to score the ball. The defense and rebounding will need a TC or three, but he's a surefire starter in this league down the track, and will probably have the scoring to make him an All-Star level starter at that.

Draft expert Naphtalli.
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PostSubject: Re: DALLAS MAVERICKS:   

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