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PostSubject: PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:   Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:23 am

Philadelphia 76ers:

Home Court;

Wells Fargo Center


C: Jesse SHEA
146 games ( 2nd carrer season)
via draft pick #8

PF: Randall GARCIA
132 games ( 10th carrer season)
via free agancy

SF: Tyrone SMOCK
530 games ( 10th carrer season)
via trade from Washington

SG: Angelo CURTO
474 games (6th carrer season)
via draft pick #20

211 games ( 3rd carrer season)
via draft pick #16


39th season
1790 wins (as of 20541)



SimNBA Titles: (3)


Eastern Conference Titles: (7)
Atlantic Divisional Titles: (10)

Most Wins Season 2033: 58-24


POINTS: 66 Chandler Perkins 2010
REBOUNDS: 28 Kristopher Smallwood 2031
ASSISTS: 25 Arthur Kelly 2038
STEALS: 11 Connor Ekman 2029
BLOCKS 10 Kristopher Smallwood 2029


POINTS: 31.2 Chandler Perkins 2007
REBOUNDS: 14.7 Kristopher Smallwood 2031
ASSISTS: 11.6 Arthur Kelly 2035


GAMES: 1349 Jamie Jarvis
POINTS: 26,178 Soloman Big
REBOUNDS: 13,046 Jamie Jarvis
ASSISTS: 9,781 Arthur Kelly


Alex PHILLIPS 2036

ALL TIME GREATEST TEAM (As voted by fans)

Kelly / Perkins / Dell Agnello / Tudor / Jarvis

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PostSubject: Re: PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:   Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:10 am


Etan Dell'Agnello , the great and wondrous "Dell," was the dominant defensive player of his era, an innovator who changed the way the game was played. He was a wizard with the ball, performing feats never before seen, setting the style of play that would prevail in the decades to follow.

A gracious, dignified, and disciplined man, Dell'Agnello was an ideal ambassador for the game. He was the epitome of class, and no player was more respected.

Dell'Agnello began his professional career in the Euro League drafted at #4 by the Toronto Raptors as a Small Forward. It took him several seasons in Toronto to break into their powerfull line up and picked up the first of his 6 title rings as a role player as a rookie in 2013.
Little did Toronto know he was to be the winningest player of All Time.

Widely regarded as the greatest defensive player of his time, and was a winner on the court.
Dell'Agnello lead the 76ers to three straight titles, and gained two Playoff Most Valuable Player Awards between 2017 and 2019.

Etan Dell'Agnello was born on February 16, 1995, in Milan, Italy. He starred for his Euro team, earning a reputation lock down defender and fundamentally sound shooter but not spectacular player. This would change when he was trailed at point guard and soon forged a name as on of the best theives in the game, as well as a deadly outside shooter (A+ in both atts at his height)

On a drive to the hole, he was challenged by Dallas' Erik Moreno and Ed Berman . "I went in between both of them and just hung there and waited for them to come down. Then I dunked on them so hard I fell on my back," recalled Dell Agnello in the Philadelphia Times. "Just doing that made me confident to go after anyone, anytime, anywhere, without any fear."

In 2016 Dell Agnello was traded from a bench player in Toronto to the Philadelphia 76ers for 2 1st round draft choices. In his first season as a guard Dell averaged 25+ ppg and was #1 in steals and blocks amonst all guards.

Philadelphia's management realized that it needed to build a team of players who could complement Dell Agnello, not the other way around. During the next few years General Manager Shooers rebuilt the Sixers, acquiring such talent as offensive genius Mitchell Mudd and paint general Brock Tudor. During this time Dell had elevated his game even further, establishing himself as a permanent fixture on the SimNBA defensive First Team.

Between 2017 and 2021 The Sixers also began a concerted five-year assault on the SimNBA Playoffs which netted 4 title appearances. In a hotly contested SimNBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, Dell was spectacular as the teams split the first four games.

In Game 4 Dell made the legendary "Baseline Move" that would go down as one of the most spectacular shots in SimNBA history. First he drove past defender Alonso Schmitt along the right baseline and left his feet on that side of the backboard with a layup in mind. His route to the rim was quickly blocked by Farleigh Kamfhammer outstretched arms. Dell'Agnello brought the ball back down and just continued to float, seemingly forever, passing behind the backboard while appearing to glide slightly to the left in midair. He finally cleared all the way to the other side of the hoop, reached back in toward the court and put up a soft, underhanded scoop for the score.

"Here I was, trying to win a championship, and my mouth just dropped open," Jaques Stephens, recalled. "He actually did that. I thought, 'What should we do? Should we take the ball out or should we ask him to do it again?'"

The next season, 2019, was Dell's greatest individual year after scoring 24.6 ppg while chalking up career highs with 364 assists (4.4 apg) and 173 steals. Philadelphia rang up 57-25 record during the regular season, setting up a showdown in the Eastern Conference Finals with Miami and Andy Griffith. Dell paced the Sixers to a 3-1 lead, but Griffiths Heat stormed back for the next two. Dell with a player of the Game 7th game to send the 76ers to another series v the Mavericks.

After the 3peat in which Philadelphia had built a consistent winner around Dell, but the team lacked one important piece to complete a further championship puzzle. So Dell'Agnello was traded to the Miami Heat in 2020, to form what was touted as the best backcourt ever assembled. But it didnt turn out to be the case. Miami great AG wasnt going to give up the point in a hurry and Dell was relegated to Small Forward and a lower key, he struggled and was gone the next season to the New Jersey Nets.

With Dell rotating behing Kambala at point and spending major minutes at shooting guard the Nets ripped through the 2024 SimNBA Playoffs, winning eight of nine preliminary-round games to meet a familiar foe in the Finals, the Los Angeles Clippers This meeting has all the drama: New Jersey overpowered Los Angeles in seven winning 3 straight games, giving Dell his fifth SimNBA championship ring of what would end up as six rings before his career would end.

After the championship season Dell Agnello was in the golden years of his career. He still played well but relied more on intelligence than on the raw physical skills that had been his trademark.

As Dells career wound down, so did the Nets, after nearly capturing their own 3peat. The Nets were in transition, with younger players such as Rodney Farve arriving on the scene. After Dell announced that he would retire following the 2029 season, the campaign turned into the Etan Dell'Agnello farewell tour. He was honored in every SimNBA arena, as fans across the country showed their love and admiration for one of the winningest players the game had ever seen.

Since his retirement, Dell'Agnello has forged a successful business and basketball executive career. His investments include: ownership of a Millers bottling plant in Philadelphia, as well as cable television stations in Miami and New Jersey. And after working as an in-studio analyst for NBC during it's coverage of the SimNBA since 2029. Dell also works as a special development coach for the Simnba D League.

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PostSubject: Re: PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:   Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:03 pm


First it was Philly guard Soloman Big taunting Chicagos rising star Herman Connor as he dropped 62, 52, 52 and 30 points on the younster this season, winning all 4 POG awards. " Herman is officaly my bitch" stated the sixers sharp shooter.
Then was the slanging match between coaches, with Philly coach stating " Chicago have had a sorry and foregetable history" describing Chicagos lack of title success. The Bulls coach bit back, by saying, "when we do get a ring, the first thing I'm gonna do is stick my ringfinger up his ass" as the East favorites Chicago head for another playoff series.
Now it was a full on brawl, which left Chicago star PG Martin Leon with internal injuries and Sixers PG Daniel Moore, who was in great form with a broken nose. Both are expected to miss upto a week.
The fight lasted only a few seconds before teamates broke the two up. A nice left hook from Leon did the damage and left Moore a bloodied mess, but Moore did work the body well with a good combination, which forced Leon to sit out the last half, due to pissing blood.
Both teams expect sanctioning from Simnba officials

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PostSubject: Re: PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:   Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:40 pm

I wish I could have put together some extravigant post with pictures, but I'm a dumb fuck who doesnt know how to.
So please use your imagination and humour me.

(Picture of inside the 76ers stadium, with a packed house a fans going apeshit. Shooers in foreground with brand new orange polyester suit and matching green tie, surrounded by players.)


At Center Pietie WESSEL
(Picture of dorky looking white guy)
WESSEL put in a huge series against the leagues premier centers. His show day was 21 boards v Miami's Bailey in a POG performance.

At Power Foward: Brock TUDOR
(Picture of a young Mosses Malone look alike)
TUDOR was the team captain and was a huge part of the reason the 76ers won the battle of the boards in 16 of the 20 finals games. 3 POG in the finals

At Small Forward: Jason BUSTAMANTE
(Picture of a young Arnold in different strokes look alike)
BUSTAMANTE was a tiresless worker and recives a ring in his 2nd year as a pro.

At Shooting Guard: Mitchell MUDD
(Picture of Dominique WILKINS look alike)
MUDD has been the go to guy all season and in the playoffs didnt let us down with his hot hands.

and at Point Guard: Etan DELL'AGNELLO
(Picture of Chevy Chase in FLETCH look alike)
DELL with 8 POG was up against the oppositions best players time and time again and was a deserved winner of the finals MVP.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the retiring champoin Merv POWELL. Big Merv spent 10 years in Philly and stuck by us through good times and bad and I am glad to send him off with a ring.
Same goes to retireing Allan O'RIELLY. Unfortunately he pissed off whilst we were still shit and missed out on a ring, so fuck him


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PostSubject: Re: PHILADELPHIA 76ERS:   

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