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PostSubject: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:27 am

Golden State Warriors:

Home Court:

Oracle Arena


C: Jason Ward
142 games (14th career season)
via trade from Cleveland

PF: John Hartzog
65 games ( 11th carrer season)
via trade from Chicago

SF: Spencer Ketner
380 games ( 4th carrer season)
via draft pick #8

SG: Dean Isenhour
59 games (1st carrer season)
via trade from Charlotte

PG: Joel Paniagua
122 games ( 2nd carrer season)
via train on invite from D League


54th season
2228 wins

STATS HISTORY as of 2054

SimNBA Titles (3)


Western Conference Titles (5)
Pacific Division Titles (6)

MOST WINS SEASON 59-23 2017 & 2032


POINTS: 61 Neal Fraser 2016
REBOUNDS: 29 Bobby McClain 2044
ASSISTS: 20 Zack Dauenhauer 2008
STEALS: 10 Martin Leon 2035
BLOCKS: 11 Bo Christie 2033


POINTS: 34.6 Neal Fraser 2016
REBOUNDS: 13.4 Marvin Bly 2045
ASSISTS: 9.4 Martin Leon 2035


GAMES: 1252 Neal Fraser
POINTS: 34,121 Neal Fraser
REBOUNDS: 12,961 Fairliegh Kapfhammer
ASSISTS: 10,047 Martin Leon


2033 Fairleigh KAPFHAMMER
2044 Martin LEON

ALL TIME GREATEST TEAM: (As voted by fans)

Leon / Fraser / Ketner / Grenig / Kapfhammer

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PostSubject: Re: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:11 am


During his 15-year career, Farleigh Kampfhammer staked his claim as one of the greatest players in SimNBA history. Long considered a physical marvel since his days at the University of Eugene, his great power and tremendous leap for a 7’3” man, made him a defensive monster- highlighted by his 7 straight defensive player of the year awards and his efforts in the Miami Heats 2016 SimNBA title -- earned him a place among the game’s best.
In 2009 When the Warriors landed the Lakers pick after trading away two productive players, no one expected they would be drafting a future Legend of the game with the #1 pick. It was not even certain that Kampfhammer would be the overall #1 pick. The likes of Mookie Donofrio and Evilio Esquer were mentioned in dispatches but the Warriors got it right and “The Hammers” career and Warriors HOF jersey was born.
In 2011 after only his 3rd season in the league he had a storybook season, becoming the first player to be named DPOY and to the All League first Team in the same season. He did this a further 3 times for the Warriors.. It was during this time that he got the name “Hammer” after his reputation of nailing opponents in the paint.

In his rookie year, Kampfhammer averaged 12.4 points and 9.5 rebounds while shooting .441 from the field good enough for All Rookie team honours but not the Rookie of the Year award.
Over the next 5 seasons Golden State with Kampfhammer averaged 45 wins a season and powered the into the 2013 SimNBA Finals. On the way there, they defeated the reigning champion Portland Trailblazers in a six-game Western Conference Finals. Where Kampfhammer dominated. They Warriors though did meet a dominant Toronto team who won 66 games that season and lost the Championship series in 5 games. “The Hammer” did win All Star MVP honours that season and averaged 25ppg over 12 rebounds and 2.6 blocks.
Kampfhammer regularly placed among the league leaders in scoring, rebounding, blocked shots and steals. In 2014 he became the first player to finish among the league’s top 10 in scoring, rebounding, and blocked shots At the end of his distinguished career Kampfhammer was the #1 rebounder of All Time (Still #10) and the #2 in blocks All Time (Still #11) His 27 rebound effort (twice) were at the time the top 5 ever rebounding games.

Kampfhammer introduced a new line of spins, fadeaway shots and jumpers, and he became virtually unstoppable on offense. The defensive Hammer had now developed a set of patented moves involving great footwork with ball and head fakes with either his back to the basket or facing opponents abusing defenders. All of which became known as "Hammer Time."

2015 .was the last season Kampfhammer would be in Golden State. He was traded to Miami, for a fellow HOFer Neal Fraser and a draft pick “The Hammer” was teamed up with Andy Griffith and Corbin Padgett, he finally had the talent around him to win what was to be that elusive title.
“Golden State accepts this trade on what might be the saddest day in the history of this franchise.

I really hate to see Kapfhammer leave, but I will admit this....things have been getting a big stagnant for me, and I need to shake some things up. Kapfhammer has been awesome for years and years for me, but I feel like it's time for me to try my luck somewhere else. I just don't think he can lead me to a championship ring, but what do I know?” Stated Warriors GM Chrisgts after the trade went down.
The 2016 postseason run culminating in Miamis second SimNBA championship in three seasons, and Kampfhammers first. the Heats defeated the Nuggets and the Raptors, two teams with great centers who were left bewildered by Kampfhammers moves both ends of the court.
The Raptors Herman Bailey stated after going down in a gruelling 7 game Eastern Finals series . "He's got about five moves, then four countermoves," said a stunned Bailey. " That gives him 20 moves." Kampfhammers defensive prowess put an end to the Raptors' attempt to win the series in Game 6, when he blocked Richard Hass’' potential game-tying three-point shot at the end of the game. The 7-year veteran was simply brilliant in the Finals.
“Most memorable game? Has to be Game 7 of the East Finals on the way to our 2nd ring. Griff got in foul trouble early, Anderson was still very young and on the bench, Padgett was at SG where he was a mear mortal, and some guy named Gray Steele was at SF for us. What to do? Well, we looked to the Big Fella to lead the way and he didn't disappoint. He ended with something stupid like 48 points, 18 rebs, and 5 blocks. We win Game 7 and go on to sweep Denver in the Finals. I can't think of anyone coming up more big in a clutch game. Thanks Kapf!” said the Heat Gm Dblplay.
During his time in Dallas the Mavericks became a powerhouse of their own. Reaching 2 SimNBA title series, both times against the 76ers. Kamphammer had tremendous battles against the sixers Brock Tudor, despite Kampfhammers play the Mavericks came up short both times and “The Hammer” would only ever win 1 ring in his 4 attempts. He also came back from two serious injuries. He took an elbow in the eye from the Raptors Bubba Deibel the middle of the 2021, suffering a blowout fracture of the bones that surround the eyeball and forcing him to miss the Mavericks’ next 26 games. In 2019, he missed 19 contests early in the season after an episode of atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat).

In 2023 Kampfhammer after years of brutal defensive work in the paint he finally retired. He was immediatedly inducted 14-0 into the HOF and his jersey retired by Golden State. Also at the ceremony, it was announced that a life-sized statue of Kampfhammer would be on display at the Warriors’' new downtown arena,

Career Statistics
G FG% FT% Rebs RPG Asts APG Stls Blks Pts PPG
1,115 .483 .727 12,961 11.3 3,412 3.0 1,299 2,831 21,850 19.0

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SIMNBA Founding Member

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PostSubject: Re: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Fri Dec 30, 2011 5:49 am

What a player.

He will forever be my favorite player of all-time....and it's not even close.

Great stuff Shooers.
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PostSubject: Re: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:35 am


Great seasons to both Steve and Chris, impressive 4-0 sweep of Eastern Conference Champion Boston!
Lance Rorie with another clutch finals appearance, back to back domination and this time Finals MVP

Bamf commisioner announces win.

And with Isenhour's injury in game 2, Tate played a major role in the finals.
He did what I hoped he would.

GM Christgs
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PostSubject: Re: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:49 pm

#1) Golden State - 7'2 Center Craig Slagle
- 2nd year in a row the Warriors have landed the #1 overall pick, only last year Washington had their 1st. Only time will tell if Slagle or Alcantara will be the better player but I really like this pick. Slagle should be a monster down low with his size, skill and potential. He is a perfect piece for a rebuilding team. Easy #1 pick this year.
Grade: A+
BAMF draft grades

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PostSubject: Re: GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS   Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:06 am


#1) Golden State Warriors
Actual Selection: 6'8 Charles Washington from LOS ANGELES
Projected Selection: 6'8 Charles Washington from LOS ANGELES
- Washington was many GM's choice for the #1 pick, he has a SimNBA body from Day 1 and will not be slowly brought a long by Golden State. Paired with last years #1 pick and reigning ROY, Craig Slagle, teams out West better start worrying. Washington has a lethal shot and is a legit #1 offensive option in the pro's even as a rookie. Washington is sound enough defensively to get a lot of minutes and is no slouch rebounding the ball either. A franchise wing who has future HOFer written all over him as long as the training camp gods do not interfere and he can stay healthy.
Grade: A+
Bamf draft grades.

I almost pulled the trigger on a trade with Miami....but at the end of the day, decided against it.

I also seriously considered taking Dillon at #1....but went against that thought.

The ultimate reason I decided to stick with Washington is that I think, without doing any testing, that he can transition into the SG spot. He's not too big, which means his defense hopefully won't suffer if I move him over there.

I just couldn't pass up on a guy that by the end of his rookie contract could realistically be a A-, A- type scorer.

Chrisgts draft banter thread.
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