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PostSubject: DENVER NUGGETS:   Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:15 am

Denver Nuggets:

Home Court:

Pepsi Center


C: Morris Davies
385 games ( 5th carrer season)
via draft pick #10

PF: Colby Gentry
112 games ( 2nd carrer season)
via draft pick #1

SF: Floyd Murray
60 games ( 6th carrer season)
via free agency

SG: Donald Horn
185 games ( 3rd carrer season )
via draft pick #6

PG: Roger Beery
300 games ( 4th carrer season)
via draft pick #8


Naphtalli 25th season
1073 wins

Past Gm's



SimNBA Titles (2)


Western Conference Titles: (4)
Midwest Division Titles (4)



POINTS: 58 Corbin Padgett 2014
REBOUNDS: 27 Michael Parks 2038
ASSISTS: 21 Sharone Flores 2013
STEALS: 8 Monty Farrow 2014
BLOCKS: 11 Nathan Jawai 2049


POINTS: 27.5 Michael Parks 2038
REBOUNDS: 13.7 Nathan Jawai 2049
ASSISTS: 10.7 Sharone Flores 2013


GAMES: 1427 Cameron Hill
POINTS: 23,156 Willie Anderson
REBOUNDS: 11,684 Michael Parks
ASSISTS: 8,421 Cameron Hill


Michael PARKS - 2046


Beeman / Hill / W.Anderson / Parks / C. Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: DENVER NUGGETS:   Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:18 am


Colby Gentry C 7'0'' 269 22 B C- C A- B+ A from Jacksonville Omnislash

Gentry helped lead Jacksonville to a 23-1 season in his senior year. He averaged 14ppg and over 9 boards with 2.5 blocks. At 7'0 hes a big big body who even at his age loves the hard work in the paint. Though not a flashy player, he fits the Denver mould of what they want in a big man. A great addition to assist Morris Davis and could form one of the best defencive frontcourts in the league.

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PostSubject: Re: DENVER NUGGETS:   Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:50 pm

HOF Bio: Michael Parks

Drafted #11 by the Pacers
Plays his rookie season with the Pacers, coming off the bench and being the understudy to Flip Leach (All-League C) and Mr. T (All-Defensive First Team). Simply a great pair to learn the craft from. Showed signs of his play-making ability even as a rookie, but his overall numbers were fairly underwhelming.
71gms 31.0mins 9.3p (.468 .679 .000) 7.9r 2.5a 1.1s 0.7b 1.3to

Has a great training camp and is traded to the Hornets for Otis Wansley (Then the #2 rated PG in the league by FBB). Becomes a starter, but there wasn't a whole heap of talent around him. Easily makes his 2nd All-Rookie game averaging a double-double and with improved shot-blocking. Plays next to Preston Willard and is fed by Walter Marravilla.
79gms 29.9mins 15.3p (.450 .686 .296) 10.5r 2.9a 0.8s 1.2b 1.6to

The Hornets made some moves and Parks now has a little more to work with with Joaquin Monti adding some beef and Justin Bailey now distributing, by the end of the season a huge contract in Fernando Donegan is added to the roster. For Parks individually his all around game continues to improve, but his offense regresses a little.
82gms 31.7mins 14.9p (.429 .685 .000) 10.7r 3.0a 1.1s 1.4b 1.6to

With the New Orleans management situation up in the air and mega-contract Donegan demanding more court time Parks moves to the bench and statistically has the second worst season of his career (rookie campaign being the worst). New management are eventually found, but a disgruntled Parks, still full of untapped potential, becomes one of the top targets in Free Agency and Denver (also with relatively new management) swoop in with a 6-year max contract.
82gms 27.5mins 12.9p (.426 .653 .250) 8.5r 2.5a 1.1s 1.1b 1.5to

Parks really hits it off with D-League to pro sensation Jalali Johnson and they both have great training camps, in particular his inside scoring reaches another level. Denver also bring in Elwin Flannery and Derek Fisher through the draft and both the club and Parks get a fresh start. Parks and Jalali alternate at the 3 & 4 to start the season and Parks is reveling in his new surrounds and focus in the offense when disaster strikes. On day 33 Parks suffers a horror fall that results in a broken skull, wiping out over half the the season.
39gms 35.0mins 19.3p (.454 .640 .000) 10.5r 3.6a 1.0s 1.5b 1.9to

Parks spent a lot of time as a student of the game whilst he was in traction with the broken skull. He spends most of his camp regaining the pre-injury levels, but his improved vision/handles sees him spend the season at SF. The Nuggets add Peter Legendre at SG, a major upgrade for the club. The starting 5 of Fisher-Legendre-Parks-Johnson-Ward is assembled and primarily on the back of Parks, Denver's rise to a contender truly begins. Parks backs up his strong, pre-injury first season in Denver with a career year at SF putting in career bests in ppg, FG%, apg and bpg. He is rewarded with his first All-Star appearance and an All-League 3rd team selection at SF.
82gms 33.4mins 21.4p (.479 .637 .154) 8.8r 3.7a 0.9s 1.7b 1.9to

With a stable roster of improving young players, Parks settles into his role as the leader of the team and puts together a truly outstanding season, this time at PF. He rebuilds his shot in the off-season and shoots over 70% from the charity stripe for the first time in his career and it helps push him to a career best 27.5ppg. He is quite simply an unstoppable force on offense, driving and reaching the line at will and he is probably the greatest passer out of a double-team the league has seen in a post player. His shot-blocking and rebounding take a leap forward as well. 4.7apg for any forward, let alone a 20+ppg scorer was simply unheard of. With Peter Legendre and Derek Fisher also having career years, he takes Denver to their first title against the Worth/Garnett/Weigel Cavaliers. Another All-Star appearance and an All-League 2nd team award at PF are added to the championship ring.
82gms 36.4mins 27.5p (.484 .718 .208) 11.9r 4.7a 1.1s 2.5b 2.3topg

Legendre acquires a wasting disease and never recovers, but the Nuggets replace him in the starting lineup with Leo Carbone. The recipe is essentially the same for Parks as he motors to another crazy season, in particular beasting on the boards to the tune of 12.6rpg. He has another great playoffs and pulls the team through to a second consecutive finals series, but he runs into a Lopes-led Wizards team that was firing on all cylinders at the right time. Another All-League 2nd team award for Parks.
82gms 35.6mins 25.0p (.465 .702 .143) 12.6r 4.1a 1.2s 2.5b 2.5to

Parks and the team slip a little, but he is still performing at an elite level. Good friend Jalali Johnson moves to the Spurs (for Wilt Neely) and inconsistent play from SG/SF sees Denver as a low seed in the playoffs. An untimely injury sees him miss the playoffs as Denver are eliminated early against a Hal Worth led Clippers. Another 24/12 season. Another All-Star selection and another All League Team (3rd PF).
81gms 36.4mins 24.5p (.467 .719 .118) 12.1r 3.9a 1.0s 1.9b 2.4to

Denver is no longer giving him enough support to take Parks deep in the playoffs. An injury to Ward sees him playing C for most of the season. Parks plays well, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. A down year for Parks as he picks up a few niggles and misses out on any awards. The Nuggets extend him for 3 more years on a hefty contract topping 60Mill.
76gms 36.1mins 22.1p (.455 .725 .154) 12.0r 3.9a 1.2s 2.3b 2.2to

Parks loses some of his touch around the rim and defers the primary scoring duties but still puts in a very serviceable season. He continues to be a difference maker on both ends of the floor and is a very reliable scorer. He makes his 4th All-Star appearance, but his numbers fade down the stretch. Denver Stalwart and frontcourt partner Jason Ward departs for the Cavs.
78gms 34.9mins 19.3p (.451 .711 .111) 11.8r 3.5a 0.9s 2.4b 1.8to

With Wilt Neely turning down a larger contract early in FA to leave the Nuggets struggle with their wing scoring. Parks is still the shining light for the Denver frontcourt (between Funderburke and Tony Golden) but has his least impressive season as a Nugget. FT shooting the only category to buck the trend of a marked decrease in most statistical categories.
82gms 31.9mins 17.9p (.450 .760 .000) 10.4r 2.9a 0.8s 1.9b 1.8to

At his best in '38 and '39 he was an absolute force. Whilst the outside shot never did develop, his patented pass-fake and drive opened up the inside for his array of hooks, bank shots and dunks. His passing with his back to the basket, to an outside shooter, or a cutter, is simply unrivaled in the league's history. A number of post players have made their team mates better with their defending and rebounding, but few have made their team mates look so good on the offensive end as Parks has and does. Whether as a slashing/rebounding 3, or a point-forward 4, he worked outside of the traditional mould at whichever position he was playing, and invariably did it with success.

DENVER GM Naphtalli
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PostSubject: Re: DENVER NUGGETS:   Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:30 am

Free Agency
Day 1 - Mike Lynch (returns)
Day 1 - Davon Stankovic (MLE)
Day 2 - Lewis Cobb (LLE)
Day 3 - Miguel Mowery (returns)
Day 5 - Cyril Metivier

The Nuggets add a key contributor in Davon Stankovic (becomes the starting SG), re-sign Mowery (bSF). Lewis Cobb is signed as injury insurance in the frontcourt, Lynch the same in the backcourt.


Trade: PG Heath Hodges + SG/SF Cyrus Steele + 2051 1st
For: PG Javier Vest + C Joe York
A huge trade preseason brings in Javier Vest who becomes the teams leading scorer and eventually the playoff MVP.

Trade: SF Floyd Murray
For: PG/SG Fenton Hutchins
Made fairly early in the season this really balanced the lineup. Mowery stepped up to fill the void left by Murray and Hutchins' addition meant that Lynch and Haller would rarely need to see the floor.

Season Summary
Denver start the season 5-1 but in an absolutely loaded MidWest division they never maintain any large separation from the pack. Gentry misses the last month of the season with a back injury, but Denver are still in hunt albeit always trailing the two LA teams duelling it out for the best record in the West (The Clippers eventually draw clear and clinch with 54 wins). the Nuggets finish tied with the Rockets, but win the division on tie-breakers. The Nuggets, Rockets and Lakers all finish on 49 wins.

Throughout Denver is characterised by high ball pressure and uncompromising defense, whilst still being top 3 in oFTA. They shoot and guard the three particularly well and are top 3 in oFTA. Turnovers are a problem (15.3topg), but they force plenty of turnovers themselves and win back possessions on the boards (+4.5rpg).

Dallas is the first round opponent and they open with a win in Denver. Despite missing Gentry the outside shooting from Vest, Coyle and Hutchins is unbelievable. They combine to shoot 33 of 55 from behind the arc for the series. Vest averages 30.4ppg, Coyle 25.6. Dallas go very close in a game 3 that goes to OT, but Denver are not to be denied as they win games 2-5 to win the series 4-1.

Gentry is back for round 2 vs the Spurs who surprisingly edged the Rockets in 7. The outside shooting remains amazing with Vesy, Coyle, Hutchins combining for 29 of 56. Gentry goes for 22.5/13.5 in his return from the back injury. Denver sweeps 4-0.

The battle for the Western conference matches the Clippers with the Nuggets. The Clippers boast future Hall of Famer SF/PF Ian Thompson and rising superstar SG Darius Lee. Denver wins a key game early, but drop their first at home to be down 1-2. Gentry moves to PF, Jawai to C, but otherwise the lineup remains unchanged. Denver win a high scoring game 4, and close out the next 2 to clinch the Western Conference Championship 4-2. Thompson dominates Coyle early in the series and finishes with averages of 24.2/11.7. Lee averages 28.7ppg and Paul Burt continued his impressive form with 19.0p 9.3a. Denver rely primarily on Vest (25.3p 7.5a 2.7s) and Coyle (24.7p @.494 7.3r 3.7a) Gentry limited to "just" 14.8/12.

The finals series pits Denver against one of the greatest players without a ring, Salvador Arrington and the Miami Heat. The series is an instant classic going the full 7 games. Denver win game 1. Miami the next 2. Denver the next 2. Miami even it at 3-all and the Denver pulls out the last game in Miami to clinch the title. Five of the seven games are decided by 7 points or less. Arrington is indeed sensational as he averages 28.3p 9.6a. Raymond Bell (12.1p 10.7r 4.3b) and Ali Abdul-Rauf (10.1p 11.0r 2.6b) provide him good support on the inside, but the trio of Vest (23.3p 5.4a 4.9s!), Gentry (22.7p 13.6r) & Coyle (22.3p 7.0r 4.4a) proves to be just enough to win Denver their 2nd title.

1st: Vest / Stankovic / Coyle / Jawai / Gentry
2nd: Hutchins / Hutchins / Mowery / Davies / Davies
3rd: Lynch / Haller / Lynch / Cobb / Cobb

The team is really built on defense. Gentry, Jawai, and Vest all rate an A, with Hutchins A/A- at PG/SG. Coyle and Davies (when at PF) are the worst defenders who get serious minutes with a rating of B+. The team made up for a lack of handling at PG (Vest a B-) by having solid hands across the team as a whole. Mowery and Cobb have the best hands with B, all the guards are B-, Coyle and Jawai go C+, Gentry a C and only Davies with D+ has "bad" hands.

PG Javier Vest
82gms 38.7mins 25.0p (.471 .821 .409) 4.3r 6.6a 2.3s 0.2b 3.5to
- 23 POG's, Playoff MVP
Is a new player in Denver leaping over 10ppg from his previous season and shooting the highest FG% and 3FG% of his career

SG Davon Stankovic
82gms 32.8mins 11.9p (.452 .788 .422) 4.5r 3.1a 1.9s 0.2b 2.6to
A maligned starter early he plays tough D and is an efficient 4th scoring option

SF George Coyle
81gms 34.5mins 20.1p (.458 .874 .427) 6.5r 2.4a 0.9s 0.2b 1.5to
- 4 POG's
Has a breakout season in his 3rd year, and first as a starter

PF Nathan Jawai
71gms 7.8p (.440 .746 .305) 11.7r 2.5a 0.9s 2.1b 2.0to
- 5 POG's
The veteran in what proves to be his last season has a quiet season by his lofty standards but is still a contributor on the defensive side of the ball.

C Colby Gentry
54gms 35.1mins 18.9p (.436 .651 .000) 12.8r 2.9a 0.9s 1.2b 2.3to
- 8 POG's
Misses a lot of games late and the first round of the playoffs with a bulging disc in his back, but in the walk year of his rookie contract he averages a career high 12.8 rebounds and dumps in almost 19ppg despite spending most of the season unkeyed.

Significant Bench
C/PF Morris Davies
78gms 26.5mins 11.5p (.432 .716 .000) 9.5r 1.9a 0.4s 1.5b 1.6to
He's never been overly efficient but he score a bunch of putbacks and is a great shot-blocking threat than Gentry. Moves into the starting lineup with Gentry out which pushes his season averages close to a double-double.

PG/SG Fenton Hutchins
72gms 23.1mins 9.0p (.452 .841 .393) 2.8r 2.6a 1.0s 0.1b 1.0to
Has the most productive season of his career as a combo guard off the bench. Safe hands, tenacious defense and efficient shooting. Often took a 3rd key in the offense in the playoffs if there was a weak defender at PG or SG to exploit.

PF/C Lewis Cobb
53gms 16.7mins 1.9p (.452 .714 .000) 5.5r 0.8a 0.5s 1.1b 0.8to
Gentry's injury opened up opportunities for him and he grasped them with both hands showcasing his defense and rebounding.

SF/PF Miguel Mowery
72gms 15.6mins 5.8p (.444 .727 .351) 4.1r 1.4a 0.6s 0.1b 1.1to
Simply doid a lot of the dirty work that allowed others to shine.

GM Naph

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