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PostSubject: CLEVELAND CAVALIERS   Sun Jan 01, 2012 4:08 am

Cleveland Cavaliers

Home Court.

Quicken Loans Arena


C: Marvin Bly
55 games ( 12 carrer seasons)
via trade from Golden State

PF: Lance Rorie
55 games ( 11th carrer season)
via trade from Golden State

SF: Keny Cyet
224 games ( 11th carrer season)
via trade from San Antonio

SG: Barron Nichols
304 games ( 9th carrer season)
via trade from Minnesota

PG: Jerry Marion
220 games ( 10th carrer season)
via trade from Milwaukee


54th season
2282 wins (as of 2054)

STATS HISTORY as of 2054

SimNBA Titles (2)


Eastern Conference Titles (4)
Central Division Titles (8 )

Most winning season: 59-23 2047

Game Records:

Points: 66 Johnny Caudill 2043
Rebounds: 27 Colby Gentry 2052
Assists: 23 Grady Elsner 2023
Steals: 9 Shantae Hughes 2033
Blocks: 11 Jason Ward 2043

Season Records:

Points: 32.8 Bill Schaffer 2023
Rebounds: 13.5 Colby Gentry 2053
Assists: 11.4 Andre Helmanis 2030

Carrer Records:

Games: 1244 Hal Worth
Points: 27,872 Bill Schaffer
Rebounds: 13, 559 Hal Worth
Assists: 6,389 Shantae Hughes


2040 Shantae HUGHES - Cleveland Cavaliers
2042 Hal WORTH - Cleveland Cavaliers


Hughes / Caudill / Schaffer / Worth / Bhatt

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Posts : 2296
Points : 3201
Join date : 2011-07-08
Location : Melbourne Australia

PostSubject: Re: CLEVELAND CAVALIERS   Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:56 pm

Worth Takes Talents Back to Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH. - The "Franchise" is back in Cleveland. Hall of Famer Hal Worth, long considered the best player ever to put on a Cavaliers uniform, has returned to try and bring a title to a city that hasn't seen one in 42 seasons.

"It's good to be back in the red and black," Worth said. "I'm not here for some tearful goodbye in my last few years in the league. I plan to be an all-star. I will work as hard as ever to bring the Cavs fans a ring... a ring that I failed to bring to these fans before."

Coach Lanman was smiling ear to ear as he greeted the press with Worth by his side at the re-introduction press conference.

"When we traded for the Clippers pick a couple seasons ago, the thought in the back of my head...while not a fully developed plan was... we could use this to get Hal back here. And when the Clippers kind of fell apart in the off season, the only logical deal out there for both teams was to send Hal back home and make a serious run at a title."

But this Cavs team bears zero resemblence to the one that Worth left several seasons ago. Gone are vetaran shooting guard Javier Weigel and perenniel All-Star Calvin Garnett. Gone are the days of a slow down, balanced offense run through Worth.

The Cavs have the best scorer in the league in Johnny Caudill to lead the scoring attack. Garnett has been replaced by a slick shooting guard/forward Mac Stallard, both in their early and mid 20's. And Worth said the most welcome change is some legit help down low.

"When we were winning the Central Division year in and year out, I didn't have much help down low with defense and blocking shots. Our help defense suffered. But Jason Ward is a f--king beast. 6-11, 280 pounds, 3 blocks and 10 boards a game. He'll help me work the high low. I'm pumped about what that guy brings to the team."

Coach Lanman cautioned that Worth wouldn't get as many shots as he has been accustomed to and Worth reiterated that it isn't about individual awards.

"But make no mistake coach, when the ball comes off the rim from Mac and Johnny, I'll get my points there, too."

For Cavs fans, the smack talk has already begun with the big man back in town.

"We are gonna fuck the Bulls up," said one fan, sporting the Worth jersey from the 2030 season, Worth's rookie year. "And the Knicks got nothing on us. Jason Kiernan thought he had a free ride in the East with all the big power forwards going West. Well welcome back to Cavs ball, bitch!"

Lanman tried to hide his excitement without giving too much bulletin board material, but when a reporter pressed him on just what Worth means to the team, he quipped, "we made the playoffs with a losing record last year and that just wasn't good enough. Now we're looking for the number one seed."

When reminded that Martin Leon and Herman Conner still play in Chicago and that Montano and Munoz were the defending champs in Boston, Lanman slyly said, "yes they are." But while still wearing a liv mic from one of the local Cleveland stations, as Lanman stepped off the podium, he made it clear to himself and unknowingly to everyone else when he said under his breath, "and we're gonna fuck them up good."

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