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PostSubject: TORONTO RAPTORS   Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:24 am

Toronto Raptors:

Home court:

Air Canada Centre



20 seasons
1192 wins

Greatest Winning Season 66-16 2011 & 2013

STATS HISTORY as at 2021

SimNBA Titles: (2)


Eastern Conference Titles (6)
Central Division Titles: (16)


Points: 62 Ronald Schroeder 2013
Rebounds: No records located
Assists: No records located
Steals: 10 Jacquez Fleming 2009
Blocks: No records located


Points: 31.0 Ronald Schroeder 2013
Rebounds: 13.6 Duane Kern 2008
Assists: 11.6 Jacquez Fleming 2011


Games 1201 Ronald Schroeder
Points: 29,573 Ronald Schroeder
Rebounds: 11,891 Duane Kern
Assists: 10,013 Jacquez Fleming


2011: Eric SINGLETON - Raptors
2013: Duane KERN - Raptors LEGEND


Singleton / Schroeder / Simon / Kern / Bailey

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PostSubject: Re: TORONTO RAPTORS   Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:25 am

The HOF committee announce Duane KERN elevated to legend status.

Duane KERN - Toronto Raptors

Duane Kern is arguably the greatest power forward of all time. Built more like a tight end than a basketball player, his size and strength made him difficult to defend in the low block, but he also filled the lane on the fast break and shot a deadly medium-range jumper. The three-time MVP finished his career with 24763 points and 11891 boards

Kern will also be forever linked to the Toronto Raptors and teammate point guard Eric Singleton. The two formed the most consistent guard-forward combination in SimNBA history. How many of Kern's field goals came at the end of a Schroeder pass may never be calculated but surely the vast majority.

"They are masters at getting into peoples’ heads," said legendary SimNBA coach RA7 of the two near the end of their careers in Toronto. "They are very well drilled in the physical game. They are very physical at both ends of the court, and they have the experience of being able to play technically and tactically.”

Dueane Kern was the first player ever selected in the Simnba. going #1 in the inaugral Simnba draft, selected by the Seatle Supersonics.
Perhaps noticing Kern's potential, the Raptors prior to his second season, traded for Kern and for the next 11 seasons he lead the Raptors to an astounding 653 wins.

"The thing that stands out to me is the professionalism. After being around him and talking to him, I understand why he has played so long and I also understand why he has played so well over his career." - Jacques Fleming

Beginning in 2002, Kern began a string of seasons virtually unmatched by power forwards in SimNBA annals. He made 12 straight All Star games and 3 All Star MVP's during this time. Posted 25.5 ppg and a career-high 14.2. rpg in 2007.

Over the next 8 seasons, his scoring average never dipped below 23 ppg and he collected no less 10 rpg in any give season. In his career Kern was also league MVP 4 times and was named to 11 All League Teams.

Despite all the offensive production and honors Kern was criticized for his failure to lead the Raptors to a championship. The team consistently won in the regular season but always fell short in the playoffs. Not until the 2010 Raptors reached their first SimNBA Finals did many of his critics quiet.
The Raptors won the Eastern Conference after defeating the Indiana Pacers in six games. The Raptors, however, would go on to lose in the Finals to the Portland Trailblazers in seven games but switched the same result in a rematch the next year. The 2011 series' final victory came after Schroeder made a three-point basket at the buzzer to unknot a tie score of 100-100. The shot is indelibly inscribed in Raptors lore - small forward Jaycee Simon in-bounded the ball to Schroeder with 2.8 seconds remaining in the game and Kern set a devastating screen that cleared open space for Schroeder. And after the made basket, Kern, Schroeder and shooting guard Richard Hass celebrated with a mid-court hug before being joined by their teammates.

Although Kern won two championships he played in the playoffs every season and his post-season production were equal to his phenomenal regular season stats.

After winning it all in 2010 the Raptors produced an excellent 2011 regular season, winning 66 games for the first time ever in SimNBA history. Kern scored 26.7 ppg and grabbed 10.6 rpg but the postseason ended too quickly for the Raptors, who lost to the eventual SimNBA champion the Orlando Magic in the second round of the playoffs.

Kern kept churning out great numbers during this period but even more personal and team success would follow in the near future.
By 2012 Kern had garnered four MVP awards his team the Raptors destroyed nearly every team in its path for nearly 10 seasons, earning 60+ wins 5 times during that period.
After 1 season in Milwaukee Duane Kern returned to Toronto for his final season as a pro. It was fitting that the Raptors won the title that season, sending off the most winningest player ever seen with a title ring. Though Malone's production seemingly slipped to 17.8 ppg and 8.4 rpg.

Kern after the 2012 title announced his retirement in a news conference in Toronto, and declared "Even though I left for a year, I grew here as a Raptors man... If I'm fortunate enough to go into the Hall of Fame, I will go as a Raptors man."

"He played a lot of times when he shouldn't have. He did whatever he could to try to win, and I think that kind of thing is overlooked a lot these days in the game of basketball." his long time coach RA7 stated.
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Location : Melbourne Australia

PostSubject: Re: TORONTO RAPTORS   Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:35 pm

The Toronto Raptors

Once upon a time a newb GM called Ric joined his 1st fbb sim league...

How did i get here?

GM Rawbel invited me to join the league during the 2005 season. He was the 2004 Champion with the Indiana Pacers and a great GM to learn with, then.

After the 11th season of SimNBA under my command, the Toronto Raptors are the most dominant team in the league, and they already won 2 Championship rings.

As i see things, when you win something you always celebrate the path that got you there. So i will enjoy all of it...

Past and Present Rosters

How did the Raptors look when i started?

C> Louis Huston - was an average PF-C then / is retired now
C> Duane Kern - was GOD then / is an HOF now
C> Stephan Garber - was a young IR player then / is retired now
PF> Kadeem Ulmer - was a backup big man then / is retired now
PF> Pete Myers - was a bum rookie then / is deleted from league now
PF> Harvey Garner - was an average backup veteran then / is retired now
SF> Rickey Just - was a bum rookie then / is retired now
SF> Chester Marks - was a solid inside scoring SF then / is retired now
SG> Gene Uhl - was a backup SG-SF then / is deleted from league now
SG> Sean Elkin - was a bum then / is deleted from league now
SG> Chauncey Northington - was a flop then / is retired now
PG> Emmit Deddrick - was an average bPG then /is retired now
PG> Eric Singleton - was an All-Star PG then / is an HOF now
PG> Wade Wales - was a bum then / is deleted from league now
PG> Loren Whaley - was a bum / is deleted from league now

Kern and Sing were the best PG-C combo in the league but they needed some help for the present and future seasons. Some moves had to be made, so I started my mission: raping ne.. err.. i mean trading for better and younger players.

The best time i spent within this league was during trade negotiations and AIM talks about players value, future picks, possible trades, playoff scenarios, etc.. I think i've talked with all GMs on AIM and traded with many of them.

These were all the Raptors trades so far:


It's amazing how many players dressed our purple jersey! They definitely helped us one way or the other:


How do the Raptors look now?


The Raptors have made the playoffs EVERY season which is something unique. Plus, this is the ONLY franchise to have a winning record vs all the other teams in the league and that is definitely a sign of what is known as


Season-by-season Chronology and Results

GM Ric 2005 - 57-25 [31-10] (SimNBA finals loss by a nose vs Memphis - Singleton's nose)
GM Ric 2006 - 57-25 (Round 1 loss vs #7 Rawbel's Indiana - the choking)
GM Ric 2007 - 59-23 (Round 1 loss vs #8 New York- the big choking)
GM Ric 2008 - 63-19 (Round 2 loss vs #4 Philadelphia - the 76ers came back from 0-3 to win it 4-3 - I couldn't send lineup changes and should have been fired!! ehehe)
GM Ric 2009 - 62-20 (SimNBA finals loss vs Portland)
GM Ric 2010 - 61-21 (SIMNBA CHAMPIONS vs Portland)
GM Ric 2011 - 66-16 (Round 2 loss vs #4 Washington - JP's debut)
GM Ric 2012 - 52-30 (SimNBA finals loss vs Portland)
GM Ric 2013 - 66-16 (SIMNBA CHAMPIONS vs Golden State)
GM Ric 2014 - 59-23 (Round 1 loss vs #7 Chicago)
GM Ric 2015 - 65-17 (SimNBA finals loss vs Dallas)

Overall Regular Season record as Raptors GM until the 2015 season

641W - 220L , WIN % = 0.744

>2005 Central Division Champions
>2005 Eastern Conference Champions
>2006 Central Division Champions
>2007 Central Division Champions
>2008 Central Division Champions
>2009 Ric's PreSeason Tourney Champions
>2009 Arborwolf's PreSeason Tournament Champions
>2009 Central Division Champions
>2009 Eastern Conference Champions
>2010 Arborwolf's PreSeason Tournament Champions
>2010 Central Division Champions
>2010 Eastern Conference Champions
>2011 Central Division Champions
>2012 Central Division Champions
>2012 Eastern Conference Champions
>2013 Central Division Champions
>2013 Eastern Conference Champions
>2014 Central Division Champions
>2015 Central Division Champions
>2015 Eastern Conference Champions

Record vs Each Opponent

([Team] [W-L] [WIN%])

Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics 39-21 0.650
Miami Heat 38-22 0.633
New Jersey Nets 46-14 0.766
New York Knicks 40-20 0.666
Orlando Magic 27-18 0.600
Philadelphia 76ers 34-11 0.755
Washington Wizards 45-15 0.750

Central Division
Atlanta Hawks 43-17 0.716
New Orleans Hornets 48-12 0.800
Chicago Bulls 48-12 0.800
Cleveland Cavaliers 38-22 0.633
Detroit Pistons 46-14 0.766
Indiana Pacers 37-23 0.616
Milwaukee Bucks 45-15 0.750

Midwest Division
Dallas Mavericks 23-7 0.766
Denver Nuggets 23-7 0.766
Houston Rockets 21-9 0.700
Minnesota Timberwolves 24-6 0.800
San Antonio Spurs 21-9 0.700
Utah Jazz 26-4 0.866
Memphis Grizzlies 19-11 0.633

Pacific Division
Golden State Warriors 22-8 0.733
Los Angeles Clippers 22-8 0.733
Los Angeles Lakers 24-6 0.800
Phoenix Suns 19-11 0.633
Portland Trailblazers 23-7 0.766
Sacramento Kings 19-11 0.633
Seattle Supersonics 26-4 0.800

AJ, Arborwolf, Bally, Benny, Bgbobay, Bish, Clint, Christgs, Dbl, Dec, DoubleB, Dualmang, Freakz, Ginge, Gunslinger, Ibk, Jasce, Jethro, Jordan, Jpcma, Lanman, Lilballa, Merls, Monk, Mott, Naph, Natural Nash, Payne, Pistonsteve, Raven, Rawbel, Red, Rickh, Rogue, Shinra, Shooers, Tipsyfloyd, Trinistand.



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PostSubject: Re: TORONTO RAPTORS   

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